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Maternity Sizing Info

Maternity Sizing Info

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I know what you are thinking whether you are shopping in a store or online… "Hmm, what size am I now?"

I understand this stage of your life, shopping can be frustrating and sometimes challenging. That’s why we, at Nest Maternity, want to make your life easier and simpler.

As a general rule, maternity designers use women’s standard size chart and add extra fabric and elastic for your growing body. We recommend you start with your pre-pregnancy size when you are in your beginning to half-way there stage (weeks 8-20). When you are in the middle to home-stretch stages (weeks 21 – 40), we recommend you consider one size up from your pre-pregnancy size. We don’t want you to wear maternity clothes that are too tight or too large. So remember, do not worry about that number or letter of the size. We, at Nest Maternity, are committed for you to feel and look beautiful!

If you have questions about styles or sizing, please contact us at (415) 673-3320 or email at

Our client service specialists are here to answer your questions, recommend sizes, and inform you about fabric, texture, and availability.

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