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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas
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It’s not all about the clothes, here at Nest we recognize your entire experience being pregnant and becoming a new parent. One of the most fun aspects of expecting is the baby shower(s)!


When comes to feeding your guests + you and your precious bundle of joy, nothing screams the opportunity to pull out all the stops like your meal you’ll serve, or treats you’ll prepare for your baby shower.

1. Bebe Buffet: Show your creative flair by opting for a menu that elaborates on your hopes and wishes for your newborn. From preparing traditional dishes to adding creative finger foods and favors, the more creative you are with your spread, the better!

2. Chic Cake: Dressing up your baby shower cake with baby oriented themes can be just as fun as building your maternity wardrobe! Making your cake the centerpiece of your spread, memorable cakes will illustrate the baby’s sex, a unique visual of mommy and daddy dynamics, or be as tasty inside as it looks on the outside.

3. Cabinet Affairs: What better way to start building your supply of baby food, than to get ideas from family and friends? Really anxious about what your child should eat and when? Have your guests bring baby food to the party, giving them a chance to demonstrate their takes on establishing a healthy lifestyle.

4. Luxe Recipes: Build a recipe book by having your guests bring in their favorite dishes.

Party Planning:

Keeping your guests occupied should be easy enough especially with your beautiful glow and precious bump, but keeping them thoroughly entertained is another story. Elaborate party planning may seem a bit much at first, but your guests and your mother’s scrapbooks will appreciate the effort later.

1. Games: There are tons of games on the market to spark an uproar of laughter and enjoyment at your baby shower, but the best games are the ones you make up yourself - create a customized game of 21 questions, charades, or implement a simple numbers game for those that aren’t too keen with publicly keeping score.

2. Party Favors Galore: Nothing’s sweeter than the party favors your guests will leave with. Get creative with your choice of memorabilia.

3. Theme: Regardless of whether you want your baby shower to be themed around the sex of your baby or not, creating a theme definitely makes the party planning fun! If you’re sure about a girl, a traditional pink theme is classic, a cute daisy theme (cc: Martha Stewart) takes it up a notch. If you’re having a boy, blue is true to instinct, but a dinosaur theme may be the rub for those looking to step outside of the box. If you’re keeping your child’s sex under wraps, an extravagantly themed baby shower may not be the route for you. Have a unique shower centered around tradition and family values - baby showers around a beautiful brunch, a tea party (cc: Martha Stewart), or an evening of fun at your favorite venue.

4. Showers w/ a Purpose: If you’re unsure about throwing a baby shower or the couple doesn’t want a traditional shower, try planning a party with a specific end result. Whether it’s scrapbooking, decorating the mom-to-be’s bump, or creating a time capsule for baby; this type of shower will keep your attendees occupied and having fun!

5. Charity Creative: Have your attendees bring a specific item for a charity of choice. Get creative with what items you would like your guests to bring and even go as far as inviting a representative of your charity to collect the goods!

Gift Ideas:

Figuring out the perfect gift/s to give a mom-to-be can be difficult, especially if you’ve never had a child. Start with your relationship with the growing family, then branch off ideas for gifts that can centered on inside jokes, cherishables, gifts for the mom-to-be, practical gifts for baby, and novelties for them both! Regardless of you decide, get creative and give from the heart.

1. Homemade: When it comes to giving any gift, a great rule of thumb is start from the heart and the rest will follow. Give a painting for the nursery, handmade jewelry for the mom and baby, or knit blankets and booties.

2. Registry fun: If you’ve already got a sense of what the couple wants from reading their registry, go out and find gifts in the same category that are innovative and fun. Instead of just bibs, go for stylish bibs. Instead of just onesies, get eco-friendly and buy luxe bamboo baby gear.

3. Wisdom Box: Curate items that you felt were necessary when you had your first child. If you’re unsure about what to put in your box, ask friends and family to suggest items that would have loved to have when they were starting out.

4. Care Package: Don’t let distance be an excuse, send off a colorful box full of goodies for the mom-to-be to open during her shower or at home (with you via Skype!). Fill the box with practical items and fun treats. Send a recording of you reading a book for baby.

5. Spa Gifts: Giving a mom-to-be spa focused gifts will definitely help her relax once the baby’s here.

6. New Dad Kits: If the Dad (or guys in general) are invited to the shower, make him up a kit to get him started in the right direction. Add items like a fun “map to the hospital,” earplugs in a ziplock that reads “yeah right,” or guides like “How to Change a Diaper” and “What to Expect When She’s Expecting.”

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